Workshop IP telephony 2010 - Performance and Security

Department of Telecommunications  at VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava and association of czech universities CESNET organize already the traditional WORKSHOP - IP |TELEPHONY 2010. The workshop is primarily an opportunity for meeting of research project team 615  at CESNET and all  those who are interested in colaboration and getting an overview of activities regarding the Cesnet project team 615. The chosen name Performance and Security corresponds with group's research activities in 2010. However, we call for a contribution with any topic regarding the  IP telephony field. The event takes place 4th and 5th of March 2010 in the laboratory of IP Telephony  at VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava with the following agenda:

  • 4.3.2010, 13:00 - 17:30,  meeting at 13:00 in laboratory N211 - closed section only for the participants of the research activity 615  and cooperating organizations, the meeting point is the  lab N211  at the Department of Telecommunications. 
  • 4.3.2010, 18:00-23:00,  evening program  in Planetarium and observatory Johan Palisa in Poruba, then dinner and bowling. 
  • 5.3.2010, 9:00 - 16:00,  open section takes place in room N211, anyone can participate and there will be not only discussion but also practical solutions of following topics:
  • Secure SIP peering between institutions using TLS
  • Initiative as a replacement for GDS
  • AODT peering switch
  • Testing and performance of SIP servers
  • AntiSPIT in action 
  • Remote using of  IXload tester - training by PNT
    Organizational  info: