Welcome to my OLD homepage - not updated since June 2017 

I was born in 1971 in Czech Republic, where I live. I graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science VSB-Technical University of Ostrava and I hold a doctorate degree in Telecommunications from the same faculty (FEECS). I received my Ph.D. in 2002 and the thesis dealt with  "Voice traffic optimization with regard to speech quality in network with VoIP technology". I was appopinted as Associate Professor based on habilitation procedure in 2009 and  I passed all procedural steps to be appointed Full Professor in 2017. Since 2013 I have been leading Department of Telecommunications in position of department chair at FEECS.

More details you can find in Curriculum vitae (EN, CZ), ORCID 0000-0001-5135-7980,  ResearchID E-6448-2016, e-mail: voznak(at)ieee(dot)org , phone: +420 597 325 940, activities of my team at http://liptel.vsb.cz/ , my results in research are available here. Thereinafter, I provide the list of articles published or pre-published in journals on SCIE or E-SCIE list (journals covered in Web of Science):

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The focus of my research is on Computer networks, Next generation networks, Wireless networks, IP telephony, Security in networks,  Speech quality, Quality of services, BigData analysis and more or less I deal with everything regarding Communication technologies. I am author or co-author more than 400 publications and my publication activities correspond to research interests mentioned above, moreover I am single author more than 80 of them, I wrote nein college books for students and I am author of two monographs and three chapters in books. In SciVer SCOPUS, you can find cca 200 records regarding my results and I am first author in more than 50 of them with over 500 registered citations and h-index=12. I am an IEEE Senior Member of IEEE chapter Communications and IEEE Big Data Community, a member of editorial boards of several journals, many conference programme and steering committees and a founding member of IP telephony task force in the research intent of CESNET (the research group was established in 1999).  

I give lectures in VSB-Technical University of Ostrava and I lead the following courses:

I am married to Pavla, we have a son and two daughters.