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Teaching Experiences
BSc:  1. Operations Research 2. Graph Theory 3. Calculus 4. Statistics (with SPSS) 5. Fundamental of Computer 6. Foundation of Algorithms 7. Data Structure 8. Programming with Pascal 9. Programming with C 10. Advanced Programming with Visual Basic 11. Microsoft Office (Excel, Acces, Power Point) 12. Mathematica 13. MATLAB MSc:  1. Advanced Operations Research 2. Quantitative Methods for Decision Making 3. Multi-Criteria Decision Making 4. Computer Simulation 5. Fuzzy Sets 6. Linear programming 7. Network Flows 8. Integer Programing 9. Non-Linear Programming 10. Dynamic Programming Ph.D:  1. Evaluation of Performance and Efficiency (Data Envelopment Analysis) 2. Advanced linear Programming 3. Advanced Dynamic Programming 4. Advanced Non-Linear Programming Author of lecture notes: EXCEL application in management and economics, M.A. course, Virtual University of Tehran (2008). An introduction to MATLAB, B.A. course, Virtual University of Tehran (2008).
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