prof. Mehdi TOLOO, Ph.D.
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Mehdi    Toloo ,    B.Sc.    (Pure    Mathematics),    M.Sc.    (Applied    Mathematics),    Ph.D. (Operations   Research),   Full   Professor   at   Faculty   of   Economics,   Technical   University of   Ostrava    in   the   Czech   Republic.   Areas   of   interest   include   Operations   Research, Decision    Analysis,    Performance    Evaluation,    Multi-Objective    Programming,    and Mathematical     Modelling.     He     has     contributed     to     numerous     international conferences   as   a   chair,   keynote   speaker,   presenter,   track/session   chair,   workshop organizer,   and   member   of   the   scientific   committee.   Mehdi      has      lots      of      experience     in      leading      and      collaboration      in      many      successful   research   projects.   He   acts   as   an area   editor   for   Computers   &   Industrial   Engineering    at   ELSEVIER    and   an   associate editor    for    RAIRO-Operations    Reserach .    He    has    written    fourteen    books    and    his research    has    been    published    in    top-tier    journals    including    OMEGA ,    Energy ,   European     Journal     of     Operational     Research ,     Computers     &     Industrial     Engineering , Computers    &    Operations    Research ,    International    Journal    of    Production    Research ,    Journal    of    the    Operational Research    Society ,   Annals    of    Operations    Research ,   Applied    Mathematics    and    Computers ,   Applied    Mathematical Modelling ,    Expert    Systems    with    Applications ,    International    Journal    of    Advanced    Manufacturing    Technology , Computers        and        Mathematics        with        Applications , Measurement . Email:; Postal Address: Sokolská třída 33, 702 00 Ostrava 1, Ostrava, Czech Republic. Tel (Office1): +420-59732 2009   (Office2): +420-59732 2104   (Mobile): +420-792 272 272  23494212000 F-7575-2019
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