Discrete Mathematics (470-2301/02)

Winter Term 2017/2018

Detailed information about this course in Czech language is available on the web page of subject guarantor doc. Mgr. Petr Kovář, Ph.D.,

Hours of Instruction

LectureThuersday12:30 - 14:00EB226
DiscussionThuersday14:15 - 15:45EB230

Office hours

Tuesday9:00 - 10:30EA 533
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Also at different times, after previous per-email agreement.

Content and the Time Line of the Course


  1. (21.09.)
    Introductory lecture (First chapter): course information, set operations, cartesian product, power set, sequences, their sums and products,
    Second chapter is on simple arrangements and selections as permutations, k-permutations and combinations. Also we define arrangements and selections with repetitions as permutations with repetitions, combinations with repetitions and k-permutations with repetitions. We state two basic counting principles - the addition principle and the multiplication principle. ALso we mention the method of double counting. All complemented with simple examples.
  2. (28.09)
    Holiday - classes are canceled


  1. (21.09.)
    Set operations, Cartesian product, Power set, Sequences - their sums and products, Ceiling function and Floor function.
    Worksheet 01 (DIM_ws_01.pdf )
  2. (28.09.)
    Holiday - classes are canceled
  3. (5.10)
    First test on chapter 01 (2pts)
    Simple and also complex arrangements and selections without repetitions.
    Worksheet 02 (DIM_ws_02.pdf )

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