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New Constructiton for VMT labelings for products of graphs

Paper about VMT labelings for Ph.D. Workshop of Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


A vertex-magic total labeling of a graph G(V,E) is defined as one-to-one mapping from the set of integers {1,2,...,|V|+|E|} to V ∪ E with the property that the sum of the label of a vertex and the labels of all edges incident to this vertex is the same constant for all vertices of the graph. In the article we present a method for constructing vertex magic total labelings of Cartesian products of odd cycles and K5. We also present some new techniques for VMT labelings of products of even cycles and some regular vertex magic total graphs with additional properties.


Published in the proceedings of Wofex 2003.
P. Kovář, New Constructiton for VMT labelings for products of graphs, Conference proceedings Wofex 2003, 24.-25. September, V©B - TU Ostrava, (2003), p. 242-247.

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