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Introduction to Magic Labelings of Graphs I

Talk on the DiMaS seminar.


Magic type labeling are an analogue to magic squares well known from recreational mathematics. First we introduce various magic type graph labelings:

  • a vertex magic total (VMT) labeling of a graph G(V,E),
  • an (s,d)-vertex antimagic total (VAMT) labeling,
  • a supermagic (SPM) labeling (also known as vertex magic edge labeling).
This talk should be a brief introduction to the topic of "magic graph labelings". We give definitions, examples and a summary of known results.

J. MacDougall conjectured that any regular graph with the exception of K2 and 2K3 has a VMT labeling.

In the talk we present recent results on VMT and VAMT labelings of certain regular graphs and post some research problems.

Talk given at

Talk given at the DiMaS seminar, V©B - TU Ostrava, 6th May 2005.

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