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Teaching (czech)

Mathematical analysis 1     ZS 2017/2018

Course: 470-2110/02: Matematická analýza 1   (MA1)
Guarant: Jiří Bouchala
Credits: 8 credits (3/3/0/0/0)
Academic year: 2017/2018

Outline of the course is in the Edison system.


There is a book written especially for this course. It is free for download on the web of Jiří Bouchala.


  1. The Real Number System; the Supremum Theorem
  2. Real Functions of a Single Real Variable
  3. Elementary Functions
  4. Sequances of Real Numbers
  5. Limit and Continuity of a Function
  6. Differential and Derivative of a Function
  7. Basic Theorems of Differential Calculus
  8. Function Behaviour
  9. Approximation of a Function by a Polynomial
  10. Antiderivative (Indefinite Integral)
  11. Riemann's (Definite) Integral

For the list of topics in Czech see Edison or the Czech version by Jiří Bouchala.


To receive credit (zápočet) you need at least 10 points from the following activities:

  • 3 midterms, up to 8 points each,
  • 1 project, up to 6 points.
There will be no make up midterms. Though, if you get 7, 8, or 9 points, there is the option to take one quiz to round up to 10 points (not more).


Topics for the academic year WF 2017/2018 are under preparation. Your instructor for discussion sessions will administer the projects.


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